The first Barcode to PC version was released

When the first public version was released other solutions were complicated and required extra steps to simply send a barcode.

Our goal was to build the most simple, fast, and easy solution to turn a smartphone into a mobile scanner for computers.


Barcode to PC evolved

Throughout this period, we actively listened to user feedback, incorporating their suggestions to adapt and refine the app. Our commitment to continuous improvement allowed us to create a seamless barcode scanning experience, making the “Barcode to PC” app an essential tool for our users.


Barcode2PDF was released

Many users were using Barcode to PC to open PDF files, so we made a dedicated app to simplify this task even more.


BarcodeCam was released

Laptops and tablets all have built-in webcams that can scan barcodes or QR codes. However, desktop operating systems don’t provide a simple way to input QR codes or barcodes into text fields.

We realized this problem and decided to create a solution ourselves. Our goal was to build the easiest solution to enable barcode scanning on desktop programs or websites without external hardware.

What we do

Throughout the years, we have provided customized barcode acquisition solutions to numerous companies, helping them streamline their processes. This experience has given us a deep understanding of various industries, particularly manufacturing industry. Our expertise has allowed us to develop tailored solutions that optimize barcode workflows, enabling companies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Design Industrial-grade software

We design our software user interface using big buttons and high contrasting colors to facilitate the peoples’ job working on the field every day

Provide Ready-to-Use solutions

Our software is designed to work instantly and can be operated by non-tech-savvy users

Understand the industry

Manufacturing, Retail, and even at-home users have one thing in common: they want to save resources and take control over their day-to-day processes.

For this reason, we want to provide our users the tools to build their custom-made solutions